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New site for all over the world

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We are talented, modestly admitting ! ☺️ You like our clothes like more and more. Maybe because we work for normal women, not only for  models 90-60-90

Our clothes adapt to the body of the woman, there are not clothes that women need to adapt to. They're comfortable clothes, a bit elastic, a little nonconformist, clothes that we feel free to move, clothes for any moment of the day.

And then is not it a shame to stay only in Romania and not to offer these clothes all over the world? That's why we launched this new site, women like us are all over the world and they must all feel comfortable in their skin and in the clothes they wear.

Dare, order, carry and sure you'll be back!

And nothing is accidental, the launch coincides with the anniversary of 4 years of activity!

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